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Suavecita Wet Set - Get it Rucca!


Healthy hair? Check. Stylish hair? Oh you better believe it! Check! This fabulous set will ensure you look your best for the remainder of this year and well into the next! Set your any hairstyle using these three.



  • 1 Firm Hold Hairspray
  • 1 Grooming Spray
  • 1 Argan Silkening Serum


Directions: Add a pump of Suavecita Argan Silkening Serum to your ends to hydrate any dryness. Thoroughly spray your hair with the Suavecita Grooming Spray to help set your curls. Whether you are setting your rollers or pin curls this setting lotion will guarantee your days with a flawless hair 'do. Once your hair is styled as desired, lavishly spray your look with Suavecita Firm Hold Hairspray.

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